Private Dance In The VIP Room

Released at: August 25, 2010 by Oriental Dream Pictures
1. I have been waiting to see muscular redhead Catherine Desade on the orgasm bar for well over a year. I am not disappointed. She wants to fight her bondage hard and you had better be ready to totally control her. She fights me every step of the way in between orgasms. 2. Catherine fights out of one tie, she moans when I pull the straps tighter. When she fights out of that tie, I add rope until Catherine is finally helpless and do nothing but orgasm and endure the beatings that I give her. Intense real BDSM. Catherine loved every second of it. 3. I can't resist having Ashlee on the orgasm bar again. I love seeing her muscles ripple as she squirms. I even have a special rig to control the vibrations so her huge clit does not get too sensitive too fast. I want this ride to last. 4. Ashlee uses her muscular legs to dance on tip toes to work the wand. She could stay for hours up there, so I make her stay up by teasing her nipples to cum more times than she can stand. You use up every minute of the hour making her cum.

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