Private Fick-Treffen In Deutschland 8 (Private Swingers In Germany 8)

Released at: September 18, 2011 by Muschi Movie
These kinky couples are inviting the neighbors over for the best fucking party ever! Cum and enjoy some adventurous, exhibitionary sex with some sexy swingers whose motto is "The More - The Merrier"! There's something here to entertain everyone including male/female orgy scenes, threesomes, lesbian orgies and copious amounts of hot, sticky jazzed spewed on eager faces, smooth stomachs and slick, slippery vaginas! Get ready as these hot couples get down to some of the most hardcore fucking you've ever seen as they mix and match and give their buddies' wife a pounding she'll never forget. With friends like these, you don't need to bring a bottle of wine to dinner... Just bring your horny wife!

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Scene3: 00:38:11 - 00:50:24 (12:13)

Scene4: 00:50:26 - 01:10:55 (20:29)

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