Private Moments 111

Released at: August 30, 2017 by abbywinters
Scene 1: Cornelia & Paulina: "I prefer to be submissive." Paulina helps Cornelia take off her tank top and in the process touches her pert breasts and teases her pink nipples. Both girls naked, Cornelia feels Paulina's brown panties, "it's very lacy." Lying on their back, the girls play with their wet, hairy pussies and masturbate to orgasm. Scene 2: Ilse: Curvy Ilse sits in her chair wearing blue shorts that show off her camel toe and round bum. Turning on her sex toy, she inserts it into her shaved pussy and masturbates to orgasm. Scene 3: Anastasia D & Emilia : Emilia flirts with her Anastasia by speaking to her in Russian before pulling her dress up and playing with her naturally, hairy bush from the side of white knickers. Slowly getting undressed, Anastasia tease her small breasts before both girls move their hands onto their clits. Scene 4: Katerina G & Livia V: "I have very sensitive clit so I touch my self gently." Katerina moves her hand into her pink shorts as Livia takes her shirt off and squeezes her big breasts under her red bra. Getting turned on by looking each other's intimate areas, the girls get naked and masturbate to orgasm.

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