Prove Yourself To Me

Released at: January 23, 2008 by LL&L Video Productions
This new feature is what CFNM is all about. It isn't about male strippers and the women that go to those clubs, as some would have you believe. It is about women having the upper hand and control. In this great feature, the clothed female is put on the spot. A guy she has dated a few times suggests they "fool around" (basically he wanted some pussy). However, she tells him she can't just do that. She needs to see if he's suitable for her. She likes a fit man, a blessed man and she needs to "see what he's got" before she is even going to think about sleeping with him. He offers to show her and she says "yes, that's a great idea, show me." He takes off all of his clothes and she instantly breaks out in laughter at the small size of it. Visibly upset he tells her to give him a chance, that it will get bigger "it's a grower not a show-er," and he begins to jerk off to show her how big it can get. As he begins and she sees he is having trouble she tells him "it looks a little dry, maybe you need some lube." He says yes that might help and she tells him to put out his hand and she spits in it. Excited by the fact that he has her personal lube he shoots in no time and is standing there moaning with pleasure as he cums all over his hand and the floor. She laughs hysterically at this. Obviously, it wasn't enough for her and he tells her she is insatiable. She just happens to know what she wants and tells him, "lets see what kind of physical abilities you have?" Hell bent on proving himself he is willing to do anything she says. She makes him do jumping jacks and sit-ups and push-ups before she plants her heel in his neck and lets him know that what he wants - it just ain't going to happen.

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