Public Affairs

Released at: December 6, 2021 by Peekarama
It's sex, lies, and audiotape when a corrupt, hypocritical politician (Paul Thomas)--whose anti-porn campaigning is almost as flagrant as his ass-obsessed womanizing--opts to make a run for the Senate in the state of New York. Of course, behind him are myriad sordid characters, including a lowlife pimp (Joey Silvera), a more-and-more jealous by-the-minute assistant (Annette Heinz), and a German real estate tycoon seeking favors (R. Bolla)...all aiding him in maintaining both his campaign and his false, squeaky clean image. The only person standing in his way? A courageous reporter (Annette Haven) who's both onto his game and looking to show him for who he really is. Such is the case in "Public Affairs", a very good, 1983 release from Caballero and director Henri Pachard. Featuring a strong plot rife with jealousy, betrayal, and political chicanery, this film really hits the mark as a feature. The characters are well developed, believable, and relatable, and the ins and outs of the storyline make for a good, one-sitting watch. Further, the acting is top-notch, with Paul Thomas, R. Bolla, Annette Haven, Annette Heinz, and pretty much everyone else delivering solidly in their respective roles. There's just enough comedy thrown in along the way to keep things interesting, as well. Similarly, the fucky-fucky is generally hot, too, and it fits well into the goings-on, with the Kelly Nichols / Paul Thomas pairing--at the end of the flick--being the best of the bunch. In all, fans of features, Henri Pachard's better offerings, political themes, and/or any of the participants are going to want to check this release out. It's complex enough to be interesting in terms of its story, and it's hot enough to get the job done. In terms of the sex, Scene One finds Paul Thomas' blonde female assistant, the lovely Annette Heinz, blowing him in the back of his campaign motor home, as they drive around town (no pop). In Scene Two, Annette and PT finish what they started in the first sequence back in his office at the campaign headquarters. He sticks her up the butt, just as she promised, and she takes it like a champ (no pop). Scene Three has PT ask Annette Heinz to let a prostitute at a private fundraiser, Michelle Maren, go down on her and finger her bum. His wish is her command, as she spreads her legs for the mocha-hued babe. As this is all going on, Paul and R. Bolla, the German, real estate tycoon behind him, watch the action, with Cassandra Leigh and Darla Davies sucking their dicks. Partway through the fun, an Arab sheik, David Sandler, hikes up Cassandra's and Darla's skirts so that he and R. Bolla can fuck them both, respectively. Thomas gets himself off on his suit, Davies jerks Sandler to a facial, and Leigh follows suit on her own bush with Bolla...all in capping off this political pounding. (Funds aren't the only things being raised here!) In Scene Four, a reporter who's onto PT and his shenanigans get up to her own shenanigans...of a sexual nature...with his right-hand man, Joey Silvera. Following some sexy oral and 69 actions, Silvera gives her a sweaty, deep-dicking that culminates in a sloppy money-shot on her backside. Apparently, she's as good at coaxing cum out of him as she is information. Scene Five brings together R. Bolla and Paul Thomas with a militant, anti-porn feminist, Chelsea Blake, at his campaign office. They take turns fucking her, and when all is said and done, it's clear that all she really needs is some dick. Bolla ejaculates in her mouth, and Thomas follows suit on her backside in finishing off this fine affair. In Scene Six, R. Bolla's cock-starved wife, the stunning Kelly Nichols. Of course, all she gets is yelled at in German...and the "pleasure" of giving him a BJ that ends with a load squarely in her mouth. Scene Seven pairs up Annette Haven and her producer, George Payne, in a quickie romp that starts in the shower and moves to the bathroom sink. He takes her from behind, unloading fairly quickly on her ass. In Scene Eight, Darla Davies sucks PT off behind his desk as he garners political support from potential allies on the phone. Scene Nine is a flashback to when Kelly Nichols and Paul Thomas were a thing...and she's sucking and jerking him in the front seat of his car, presumably after some sort of black-tie affair. She doesn't get him off, however, as he's not up to her social standing. In Scene Ten, he gets another crack at her--in the "present"--as she greets him in his campaign mobile...ready, randy, and without panties. It doesn't take PT long to take control of the situation, and within moments, Kelly's got his dick in her mouth...and then her pussy. A raucous romp rolls forth...and plays out through the speakers of his star-spangled motor-home for the entire city (...and his fiancee...) to hear. Regardless, the fucking is hot, either way. A cum-shot on her backside caps off this crazy, comical coupling. Too funny...and too hot! Enjoyable film.

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