Puritan Panty Uprising

Released at: October 3, 2000 by Puritan
It's been a dramatic week at Puritan High, where the cheerleading squad is losing their virginity left and right! Missy gets doublefucked by her boyfriend and his buddy on her way home from detention. Jenny gets her cherry popped in her big-muscled boyfriend's car, and Envy has an unexpected caller who catches her masturbating - how embarrassing! Blair and Kurious decide to lose their virginity to each other, but their lesbian exploits are interrupted by a creepy bum with a strangely attractive penis . . . and to top it all off, jealous Lori goes psycho, having wild sex with her imaginary baby doll! If they all manage to survive this movie, they might just make it to the prom without any buns in the oven . . . but not likely at this rate.

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