Pussyman Auditions #3

Released at: May 20, 2010 by Snatch Productions
A very early scene from Midori is the highlight of this third edition of David Christopher's steamy gonzo workout. Appearing under her real name Michelle Watley, Midori shines in a fiery sequence that provides plenty of hints at the sexual superstardom that was lurking right around the corner. Her luscious all-natural frame is pure voluptuous goodness, and her wonderfully expressive eyes and invitingly wide mouth complete the picture of the perfect young porn star. Midori's gone on to bigger things, but she cranks out here. Almost as hot, but nowhere near as fresh to the field, is naughty Nici Sterling. Nici brings home the bawdy bacon in a frantic scene with her off-screen beau Wilde Oscar. And while these two appear together quite often, they never seem to lose that spark. Nici groans and moans her way through an eye-popping boff that features plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Kimberly Kyle and Lani round out the action in fine style, but it's Midori and Nici's scenes you'll be rewinding again and again!

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