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Released at: June 15, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Elin is in a very uncomfortable and humiliating position. She's lying on her back with her legs up. Her ankles are being held by one of the other girls at Girls Boarding School, so that when HM Tom arrives to carry out the punishment he has promised her ? her bottom is in a fully exposed position. What has poor Elin done to deserve this? Among the many rules at GBS one of them is that the girls should keep their finger nails short. When HM Tom told her to cut them or be punished ? she didn't cut them. Therefore, he seems to believe that she actually likes being punished. Using the leather paddle he hits her poor defenceless bottom several times, causing her to cry out in pain. Then to add more to the humiliation he orders her to lower her trousers and get back in position. Now the paddle is cracking down on her bare, bruised and battered bottom. When the punishment is over, the other girl is dismissed. HM Tom lectures Elin about keeping to the rules or she is just making life more difficult for herself. Telling her to stay in position for another half hour, he leaves her feeling very sorry for herself.

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