Rachel Steele Classics Volume 24

Released at: January 18, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Caught In MILF Porn A young stud was watching MILF porn and he came across his father's girlfriend in several videos. He jerked off as he saw her sucking young cock, guys younger than him! Rachel came in from the laundry room when she saw him jerking off; she looked at the TV and saw it was porn. Rachel yelled at him, telling him she did not want that smut in her home. He told her he saw her in the videos and he wanted her to suck his cock like she did the other guys. Rachel refused and took the remote away from him. He told her he would tell his dad if she did not do it. He ordered her to strip, she made a deal with him this once and he would keep quiet about it. Rachel got on her knees and tugged at his shorts, he pulled them down to show her his massive hard on. She wanted to finish him off so it would be a done deal. She sucked the head slowly, then she tit fucked him. He moaned how good the MILF felt. Rachel just wanted it to be over, so she jerked him fast, and he loved it. Rachel finally pulled a load out of her horny young lover all over her face, she even licked it up to please him. When it was over, Rachel ran out of the room upset and feeling guilty. He had an evil grin on his face, it was not over for him. Scene 2 - MILF Blackmailed After Rachel had been discovered on a MILF porn site by her boyfriend's son, she was blackmailed by him into giving him a blowjob. She was upset and felt guilty, so she ran into her bedroom. He soon followed her in. She sat up and asked him what he wanted, he told her he wanted to fuck her and cum in her pussy. She begged him to please leave her alone. He said no. She had no choice, or he would tell her dad about the porn he discovered. Rachel took off her clothes and he pushed her down, spreading her legs. He mounted her and compelled his cock deep inside her tight pussy. He fucked her hard while she whimpered because his cock was much bigger than she was used to. She jumped off him, grabbed his cock and sucked it ,but he wanted to fuck, so he pulled her on top of him. She was wet, so he slid right in. He pushed her on her knees and fucked her doggy style. Rachel felt him ready to explode, and she yelled at him to cum on her ass and not in her. He pulled out and jerked off to the sweet MILF's ass, then when he was ready to cum, he shoved his cock back inside her and let it all go. Rachel screamed out in a mix of anger and pleasure. She had never been fucked like that before. She pulled away and spread her pussy open to see a cream pie. She lay back in his arms and looked him in the eyes. Please do not tell, she said. He held her tight and promised he would never tell of the passion they shared that day. Scene 3 - Two MILF Pick Up Rachel and Dakota had been out at the clubs looking for young horny men to bring home. They found two buddies and brought them home. The guys were and horny, so Rachel knew they could have their way with them. They sat them down at the dining room table and Rachel pulled lube from her purse. She and Dakota sat on the table exposing their black thigh highs to the guys to tease them. The women kissed for more teasing. Then it was jerk off time. Rachel oiled up his cock and passed the lube to Dakota who did the same. They sucked and jerked, then switched guys. Rachel put her leg up on the table and pushed his hand to her pussy. He fingered her wet cunt while she stroked his huge hard cock. Rachel switched to the other guy and pulled a load out of him. He gave Rachel a nice facial. Scene 4 - Suck and Stroke Continues Rachel and Dakota had two horny young men from the club in their dining room with oiled up cocks. They had been switching off sucking and jerking them. Rachel had already pulled a huge load out of one of them. Dakota was working on her guy. Rachel deep throated her guy and teased him with slow then fast sucking techniques. When Rachel was done, she crawled over to assist Dakota with her stud. Dakota jerked while Rachel sucked. He played with Dakota's big tits while they jerked him. He could not take it any longer and stood up, shooting his load over Dakota's tits. Rachel and Dakota had been satisfied, so they told the guys that they were done with them and they had to leave. They laughed as the guys looked surprised and exited with hard-ons. Rachel and Dakota love a good tease. Scene 5 - A Young Stud is Not Enough Rachel and Dakota have plans for a young man they have tied up. He thinks it is all about him, but to his surprise it is not. They start by asking him if he likes to watch girls kissing, so they swap spit. Rachel asks him if he likes two girls licking his cock together so they do so. Rachel then asks him if he likes them to jerk and suck him, so they do. He is hard and has been tied up all day. He wants to cum so bad. Rachel and Dakota just lick him enough to get him to climax then they stop. He is dying to cum, but they have other plans. After teasing and denying him his cum, Dakota slips away, Rachel covers his eyes. Dakota enters wearing a strap-on. Rachel asks him if he likes it when two girls fuck, so Dakota fucks Rachel while she lies across the young horny stud. Rachel sucks his cock while getting fucked until she cums all over Dakota's cock. Rachel then sucks Dakota's cock clean of her own juices. The young stud wants them to take care of him and begs for it, but they are satisfied and leave him to squirm until they are ready to finish him off later. Scene 6 - MILFs Play With Boy Toy After hours of denying their boy toy the opportunity to cum, and Dakota fucking Rachel with her strap-on, they decide to have some fun with his cock. Rachel sucks his cock deep into her mouth, Dakota plays with his balls. Rachel sits on his face and demands he lick her pussy dry. They both jerk him off together. He is ready to explode, and begs to be allowed to cum. Rachel asks him is he ready, then she stops, and he is in shock. They start all over again taunting him. He does not know when or if they will let it happen, as they have destroyed two orgasms already. Rachel puts her ass in his face and tells him to shoot his load onto their pretty red lips. He starts to shake as they milk him furiously. Rachel sucks his cock even harder. They have him so frustrated, he begs to cum. He thinks he will be allowed to shoot it on their faces, but at the moment he shoots, Rachel sucks him so hard and swallows every drop. She and Dakota kiss, and Rachel tells him no one is allowed to cum on their faces. They leave him naked and tied up for days after that.

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