Rachel Steele Classics Volume 35

Released at: March 21, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Aunt Arianna Rachel has not seen her son in three years. He has been out of the country at school. Josh is coming home to visit. Rachel invited her sister Arianna over to welcome him home. The two women sipped cocktails and waited for him. Arianna confessed she had sexual thoughts about Josh. Rachel was shocked. She knew her sister was wild but her son? Rachel asked her to explain. Arianna told her he was a hot young man and there was nothing wrong with her thoughts. Rachel wanted to talk more but her son opened the door and walked in. Arianna jumped up and gave him an inappropriately long and tight hug. Rachel broke it up and hugged him herself. She took a look at how he had filled out, he was a man now. They sat down and again Arianna put her arm around him and crossed her leg over his. Josh felt a rise in his pants. Rachel pounded the rest of her cocktail down. She looked at her son and Arianna; she crossed her leg over Josh's. He was in shock with their request to teach him about older women. They took him to the bedroom. Rachel knew what was going to happen, Josh was not resisting so she figured why not. They stripped him naked and slowly stripped for him. They sucked his cock and jerked him. Rachel sat on his face and he ate her until she came. Arianna sat on his face and came too. He fingered them both at the same time as they sucked and jerked his cock. When he was ready to cum Rachel had Arianna jerk him in her mouth and all over her face. They all cuddled after that. He would remember this day for ever. Scene 2 - Take Care of Daddy While Mommie Sleeps While Rachel slept Lola stroked her dad's cock. They had been fooling around and he could not turn her down. This was as risky as it could get, but it turned him on to have his daughter suck and stroke him while his wife lay next to them. He pulled her little shorts off and laid her down next to mom. She wrapped her arms around him as he slid his cock into her sweet wet pussy. They fucked quietly until they both came. Lola still had her dad hard and she sucked him some more. He played with her pussy. She jerked him off onto her mom's tit. Rachel woke up later wondering if she had sex. She did not remember a thing. Scene 3 - Porn Leads to MILF Blowjob Rachel had a young man staying with her. He was from England here to study in America. She came home early one afternoon and caught him watching some MILF porn movie. She asked him if he liked that. He told her in England it is not as open. She was aroused by this and sat next to him. Before he knew it Rachel suggested they make their own scene. She seduced him slowly. Rachel undressed him and sucked his cock. She sat on the arm of the chair and opened her thighs to expose her pussy; he fingered her until she came. Rachel sat him down and finished him off. He came quickly. Rachel loved younger men and was happy he liked her. It will happen again! Scene 4 - Horny MILF Nocturnal Visit Rachel has a young man from England staying at her house. She waits for him to fall asleep and sneaks into his room. Rachel is single and wants sex all the time. She wakes him and opens her robe. Rachel is wearing sexy lingerie. He becomes hard. She pulls his shorts off and oils up his erect cock. He did not expect this. Rachel seduces him. She puts her tits in his face while stroking his cock. She whispers sexy sweet things to him so as not to wake the others in the house. She instructs him to put his hand down her panties. He feels how wet she is. Rachel takes them off and lets him finger her. His cock stands straight at attention. Rachel loves that! She continues to jerk him nice and slow until he shoots his load for her. They both came at the same time. Rachel stayed and cuddled for a while. Scene 5 - Two MILFs and the Neighbor Rachel and her roommate Keri are two horny MILFs. They are single and want some cock. Their neighbor Brian is a good looking younger man. Rachel decides to call him over to repair the T.V. Keri and Rachel really want to seduce him. Brian arrives and the women are in robes. Rachel points out the bedroom T.V. Brian looks at it and doesn't see a problem. The women laugh and push him on the bed. They drop their robes and are in sexy bra and panty sets. He is a bit surprised. They undress him to see his already hard cock. They start to suck and jerk him together. He knows his wife is next door waiting but he cannot resist this. They take their bras off and put their tits in his face. They are so horny they devour his cock. Rachel and Keri let him finger their hot pussies. They tit fuck him and French kiss each other in front of him. Rachel plays with Keri's pussy while Keri sucks Brian's cock. Keri cums on Rachel's hand. Keri and Rachel face each other tit to tit and make out while Rachel continues to stroke his cock. Finally the women want cum so they jerk and suck furiously until he blows his wad all over Rachel's hands the woman are now prepped to be fucked.

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