Rachel Steele Classics Volume 9

Released at: July 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Neighborhood Slut Seduces Son's Friend Rachel is horny and calls one of the young men that live in the neighborhood. She knows that this one is into older women because one of her MILF friends has screwed him and she said he was a great lay. She was not quite ready to screw him but definitely wanted to see his hard body and pull a load out of him. She sat him down when he came over and told him straight out that she wanted have some fun. He was initially hesitant but became very cooperative after she undressed him and shoved his cock in her mouth. She sat back and removed her sweater and bra to give him access to her tits. He wrapped his hands around her big tits as she went back to sucking his cock. She hiked her skirt up and rubbed her panty clad ass all over his hard cock. She turned back around and sucked his cock until he was ready to blow. She asked him where he wanted to cum and he said he wanted to shoot a load on her ass. He stood up, turned her around and pulled her panties down to her knees. He pushed her down onto her hands and knees and shot a load all over her ass. Scene 2 - Nursing Students Practice MILFs Rachel and Stacie have been very busy trying to get back into nursing classes. They have been studying at the local coffee shop when a young man who served them overheard their plan. He told them he was almost done with college and would be happy to help them study. Rachel invited him over to her place. The women explained to him they really needed to practice on him. They needed to find out more about men's orgasms. He agrees to let them have hands on experience with him. They also want to figure out the perfect way to give a handjob. Rachel and Stacie go to work on his cock. They open their blouses to let him suck on their tits. They want to see what exactly makes a man hard fast. They decide to try teasing him. They kiss and fondle each other while stroking his cock together. His cock is so engorged they use both hands to jerk it. He tells them to slow down or he will cum. The women laugh and realize it does not take much to make a man cum fast. He fingers Rachel's wet pussy and grabs hold of Stacie's ass. Then he warns them they had better slow down. It is too late, he shoots his load unexpectedly. Rachel yells out to Stacie to milk his cock. They jerk him furiously after he cums. They want to see how sensitive it is. Rachel and Stacie are confident about their exam next week. Scene 3 - I Smell Pussy on Your Cock Dan has lied again about his whereabouts. He is late getting home and did not call. Stacie asks him to explain and tell her the truth. Dan told her he was at Rachel's house, but she does not believe him. She knows he was with the neighborhood whore. Dan denies this accusation, but she opens his pants and smells his cock for evidence. Just as she suspected, his cock smells like pussy. Stacie asks Rachel to come over to help her teach him a lesson. Rachel arrives to find her on her knees before Dan stroking his hard cock. Stacie has a very angry look on her face. Rachel sits next to looking at his hard cock and apologetic expression. She grabs his cock and begins to lecture him. Dan keeps apologizing until Rachel puts her tit in his mouth, telling them both to shut up. Rachel wants him to learn his lesson. The MILFs drill him and want to see a huge load of cum. He does cum for them. Rachel twists her hand over the top of his sensitive cock after he came. Dan begged her to stop. Rachel knew that would teach him a lesson. Scene 4 - Like Mother, Like Daughter Rachel is back in the dating scene. She has had a difficult time holding on to a man because of her daughter's behavior and bad attitude. John, her current boyfriend has just arrived to pick her up. Rachel receives a call from work and has to leave for a few minutes. She asks John to wait for her and tells her daughter to behave and be nice. Rachel reminds her daughter she is still grounded. Ember rolls her eyes as she leaves to go to the office. John notices this attitude and questions Ember about it. Ember tells him she thinks her mom is too old and does not understand why he has an interest in her. John tells Ember that he thinks Rachel is great and they have excellent sex. Ember asks if her mom gives good handjobs. He tells her she does. Ember bets him she can do it better than her mom. John accepts the bet and Ember starts to jerk him off. Rachel walks in on them. She has had this happen several times before with Ember. Ember tells her mother about the $100 bet. Rachel is not going to date John anymore but tells her daughter to continue jerking him so she can collect her money. Rachel joins in. Rachel is the best at handjobs. As soon as Rachel stroked John's cock, he came. Rachel jerked his cum filled cock until it was drained. She then laughed at him. Rachel pulled her dress up and left the two of them to clean up. Scene 5 - Brian's Out Of Jail Brian had trouble with the law and was in jail for a year. He was recently released on parole, and MILF Rachel let him stay with her. Brian sat with Rachel in her living room. Rachel asked him what he wanted first since one year is a long time to be locked up. Rachel thought he would want a big juicy steak and a frosty beer, but Brian had another idea. He told Rachel that he had not had sex in over a year and he wanted some pussy. Rachel reluctantly agreed. Brian moved very quickly, pushed her back, spread her legs open and pushed two fingers in her. Brian was young and did not even know the meaning of foreplay. To his surprise, she was already wet. He fingered her furiously as Rachel covered her face and eyes. Then she felt him bottom out inside her, it was a sensation she had never had with her husband; he hit her G-spot. She moaned and decided she may as well enjoy it. She grabbed his head, pushing him towards her hot waiting pussy. He circled around her clit teasing her. She pushed his face into her crotch. Brian licked and sucked her beautiful wet pussy until she came all over his young face. Scene 6 Rachel had offered for Brian to live with her until he got his life together after being in jail for a year, but now everything is different. She goes in his room and tells him he will have to move out. Rather than argue or plead about being told to leave, Brian simply says that he is not leaving. Instead, he tells Rachel to suck his cock. Rachel asks him if she does that will he go away and never tell. Brian agrees. He knows this will be the best cock sucking experience he has ever had. His cock is huge and the girls he has been with cannot handle it. Rachel starts to approach the bed but Brian tells her to stop and take off her clothes first. Brian orders Rachel to take her blouse off. Rachel reluctantly removes her blouse. Piece by piece he orders her to remove her clothing. She keeps hoping he will stop so that she can retain a little dignity and at least her panties. He tells her to keep stripping until she is standing in front of him completely naked. Brian is so hard for her now. Brian pulls the sheet off himself to show her his gigantic cock. Rachel is surprised by the size of his manhood. She has never seen let alone sucked a cock this big. She reluctantly begins to suck just the head. Brian is so excited he grabbed her hair and shoves himself deep in her mouth. Rachel swallows his cock down. She wants to finish him off. He takes his sweet time, enjoying every inch he can shove in her mouth. He watches her face as she sucks him. Rachel stops for a minute telling him how wrong it is. She is also thinking about a year's worth of cum build up that is going to shoot in her mouth. He takes her hand and makes her jerk him. Rachel jerks him fast and hard, begging him to hurry up and cum. Brian fights back, he wants to savor every moment with the MILF. Rachel can tell he is getting ready to explode. She tells him to let her know when he is going to cum. She does not

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