Random Acts of Pornography 27

Released at: April 13, 2021 by Brandon Lee Harrington Productions
Scene 1 Sydney Screams - BBW dickdown Sydney gives us an in depth interview, among other things she tells us she's into belly button play, which was a new one for me. Next she gets titty fucked, sucks some dick and gets fucked with a little bit of ahegao and a creampie finish. Scene 2 Seka Black - How can I every repay you? Brandon helps Seka get her broke down vehicle back on the road. She is extremely grateful and wants to repay the favor. She invites him over for a beverage, but when she gets him alone she admits there are no beverages, just a ready and willing mouth, pussy, and ass. Midway through getting his dick sucked, Brandon insists that the most sincere form of gratitude would be her shoving her tongue up his ass! She agrees and does so, before giving up both her both her ass and her pussy. Scene 3 Cammie Cummz - Frigid girlfriend It's been a couple weeks since Cammie gave Brandon some pussy. She doesn't think that's a long time, but Brandon convinces her it is. She decides she will do her girlfriend duties, but tells Brandon that it will not be a marathon session. After she cums, she reminds him that she got off and now he needs to hurry up and do the same. Most of the time she is on her phone, barely paying attention to what is going on. Brandon cums in her mouth and face, and she quickly demands that he gets something to clean up the mess he made.

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