Raven Has a Surprise

Released at: October 24, 2018 by Desert Wind Studios
This old photographer is not too surprised by anything. Well, he sure got a surprise this time. This girl had just turned 18 years old a couple of months ago and wanted some photos to celebrate reaching adulthood. She wanted a series of shots with different outfits. The old guy could not resist sneaking some shots of her getting changed into different outfits. As the shoot progressed the young girl kept revealing more and more. When she stripped down to her panties the old man could not help noticing a suspect bulge. WTF, he starting wondering. Sure enough she asked if he would shoot a few nude shots of her. He said OK, she was 18 and legal to shoot naked. She pulled out a large, fully erect cock and very much to his surprise, starting rubbing it right in front of him. She had brought a little red outfit and asked if he could shoot some photos of her on the couch. She again could not wait to pull out her big cock and start rubbing it. Well, long story-short, she kept rubbing and pulling on her cock until she shot a load of cum all over her belly. She had a big smile for the photographer. The next time the photographer hopes he gets a little warning when shooting 18 year olds. We wonders what she will be like when she turns 19 years old.

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