Raw Sex 4

Released at: February 7, 2001 by Randy West Productions
Beautiful Bridgette Belle does her __first double penetration__ with me and boyfriend Ray, and guess what? She love it, and it's her __first oral cumshot__ with someone besides Ray-I love you Bridgette, Thanks! Christina Angel is back to try her first D.P. and she picked Jack Hammer and I for partners. She takes it like a champ, including oral and internal cumshots. Good to see you again Christina! Jordan McNight and Nicollette want each other __bad__, and now they get to do it hot and nasty. Two brown beauties in heat. Sexy Suzi Suzuki had always wanted to have sex with me and now the fantasy __cums__ true! Masturbation, fucking, sucking, and intense anal sex make this an extremely hot scene. Get to know Suzi __up close and personal__!

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