Real Bushy Beavers 20

Released at: September 4, 2014 by White Ghetto
Selma, Riley, Amanda and Kinky Gaga all have one thing in common. They all show their confidence in themselves with 100% all natural, unshaved, bushy twats! They love sucking dick, especially when it leads to pussy pounding, ball draining action that can only end with explosive and messy cumshots! And why shouldn't they? I'm glad that the trend of a shaved snatch is starting to die down. I was always a fan of the giant bush. I love when I can pull my cock out and shoot a big gooey wad all over a nice thick fur burger!

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Scene2: 00:22:36 - 00:50:04 (27:28)


Kinky Gaga

Scene3: 00:50:05 - 01:07:08 (17:03)

Scene4: 01:07:09 - 01:20:52 (13:43)


Selma Sins