Real Sex Magazine 12

Released at: November 27, 2002 by Juicy Entertainment
We offer 3 new Texas girls in this edition, starting with 21 year old **Maria** who has little sexual experience, but is willing to try anything. So this is her 1st anal attempt, producing the most intense orgasm she's ever had! Bringing girls like Maria to you is what RSM is all about! Texas-girl number 2 has had several boyfriends over the years, but hard as it may be to believe, 19 year old **Blair** sucked her 1st dick the day before we shot this scene. She also had her 1st anal orgasm which she described as "The most intense feeling I've ever had!" She isn't from Texas and doesn't do guys on-camera, but beautiful **Jasmine** is a horny little voyeur who likes to watch people fucking while she [plays with herself. So she watches RSM 2 video while she jerks herself off. The result is a bone-crushing orgasm that Jasmine rates "9.5 our of 10!" Long, blonde hair, a pretty face and of course that famous Texas personality sets **Stormy** apart. She does 2 guys here for the first time with anal, and loves it. A couple of facial pops help to make this one a very hot scene. "Thank you" to all the Texas girls for making this such a memorable edition!

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