Real Sex Magazine 13

Released at: October 21, 2002 by Juicy Entertainment
This is 19 year-old **Sandy White's** 1st scene. Sandy has natural platinum blonde hair, a tight California body and a big secret! The secret is that even though she has a boyfriend, she likes girls better... So **Teri Starr** and **Taylor Moore** set out to show her all the "lesbo ropes". As real as it gets! Sexy **Tori** is a southern California native who just got started making adult video a couple of weeks ago and says she is having a blast. This girl loves to fuck and suck in any and all positions while she works her clit over with her moistened fingers. It works for her and it'll work for you, too! **Cherry** is a 20 year-old Army brat who was born in Iceland and has since traveled the world. With hair down past her ass and a set of awesome, natural tits, Cherry makes friends wherever she goes. We were lucky to shoot her first scene during her recent visit to Los Angeles.

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