Rebellious Teenagers Punished

Released at: January 30, 2011 by British Discipline
"Rebellious Teenagers Punished" brings you six spanking vignettes from British Discipline, including these scenes and more: "Mother's Old Fashioned Methods" features a nasty home discipline of a girl that thought she was beyond all this nonsense as she tried to sneak out to a music concert without her Mum knowing. See the hard and nasty discipline that Paige gets as she gobs off to mother only making it worse for her sore red bottom! In "Scruffy Attitude," Angelina's had been warned a number of times about back chat and the way that she ALWAYS had an answer for everything! It was decided that enough was enough and a short sharp lesson was needed. She soon regretted her arrogant behavior as she gets her bare bottom soundly spanked! Full, hard, OTK bare bottom spanking and a few minutes in the corner would it was hoped change her attitude! "Idle Teenager" stars Samantha, who was supposed to be at an interview but instead decided she could not be bothered trying to get a job and spent the morning lazing around the house instead of trying to get her life in order. All was well until she heard the door go, and in walked Mrs. Baxter who was NOT happy! With no excuse and a number of warnings already given to Samantha , Mrs. Baxter felt enough was enough and it was high time she pulled the lazy slovenly teenager firmly back into line starting with a well spanked bare bottom. Stripped naked, Samantha now found herself placed over the knee and was then given a much deserved thrashing across her bare hide!

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