Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 8

Released at: July 18, 2011 by Rick Savage
Sexy blonde bondage model, Angelica, from the U.K., is visiting New York. On her New York City bucket list is to make a bondage video with Master Rick Savage, with her ultimate dream to do a medical scene with the wicked Dr. Rick. As our video begins, we find Angelica kneeling, in waiting, on the cold hard tiles of the dungeon's medical room. The British pain slut looks exceptionally sexy, wearing white hose, black "fuck me" pumps, a short black skirt, white bra and a completely see through white blouse. The doctor asks his patient if any part of her hot body is more sensitive than other parts. She admits that her breasts and nipples are the most sensitive part of her anatomy. Master instructs her to place her hands behind her head and he immediately gives her boobs some harsh squeezing through her sheer clothing. Angelica's pretty face scrunches up in pain as it appears that the first medical procedure of her day will be a Rick Savage breast exam. And as all Rick fans are well aware, the master's favorite form of tit play is bare handed. Rick keeps painfully squeezing, informing Angelica, "Well, we'll have to get to the bottom of what's causing this hyper-sensitivity to these breasts." Rick tells her to strip off her blouse and skirt. Rick puts a latex glove on his right hand, tells his submissive blonde to slide her panties down to her thighs and bend over. Time for her proctology exam and the sadistic doctor doesn't seem to want to waste any of his precious K-Y jelly, as he abruptly plunges his latex covered four finger deep past Angelica's sphincter. Our young lady is in obvious discomfort as Dr. Savage probes deeply. A dose of humiliation is next on the medical menu as Rick's finger traverses directly from her anus to her mouth as he checks her teeth and gums real quickly. Angelica is aghast by this humiliating action. Nonetheless, she takes it like a good slave. Angelica's rope bondage begins with her hands being tied behind her back. Then her elbows are pulled very close together with another rope. Master's breast exam resumes, at first, through Angelica's strapless bra. Savage then drops the bra and uses both hands to excruciatingly dig deep into Angelica's soft, pliable natural tits. The tit punishment is utterly savage as he twists, pinches and presses painfully into Angelica's tit flesh. After LOTS of this breast exam/tit play, Rick zooms his camera in close, so Angelica's natural boobies almost fill our entire screen. He resumes his merciless punishment, at one point, seeming to attempt to lift his hot blonde patient off the floor by lifting upwards on her sensitive, luscious boobs. A tall metal stand, normally used for holding an I.V. bottle is wheeled in front of Angelica and her ankles are bound to the base of the stand. Rick is moving on to nipple play as his next "medical procedure." First he pinches each nipple with his finger, noting, "Well, they become erect quite easily." The next part of his nipple exam consists of flogging them with a small, wicked rubber flogger. Again the camera zooms close and we get a great view of our British patient's hard "pencil eraser" nipples. After more nipple pinching, the intensity of the nipple flogging seriously increases. And thin strands of rubber are MUCH more painful than strands of leather. Rick checks with his fingers and notes that he can actually feel heat emanating from Angelica's hard nipples. Now that the doctor has Angelica's erect nipples in plenty of pain, he affixes forceps to each nipple. The feeling must be quite intense as Angelica looks like she might be on the verge of tears. Much to her dismay, Savage now pulls and pushes on the forceps causing Angelica to wince and moan. Then, to intensify the "medical procedure," Savage affixes large rat traps to each forceps, so the traps are now acting as weights. Our sexy patient seems like she just can't take it anymore. So, Dr. Rick gives her a little rest from his test by lifting up on the traps. However, Angelica's respite from pain is short lived as almost immediately, Savage drops the weights, causing extreme pain to Angelica's nipples. After repeating his "break," "breaks over" routine a few more times, Savage ties twine to the handles of the forceps, then attaches the other end of the twine to the top of the I.V. stand. The stand is adjustable, so Savage raises it, painfully stretching Angelica's throbbing nipples towards the ceiling. The site of our sexy Brit's long, tender nipples, pinched and stretched towards the ceiling is utterly amazing. For the next portion of her medical scene, Angelica, stripped down to only her heels, thigh high stockings and thong panties is bound to a gurney in a quite uncomfortable position, using plenty of rope. Lying on her back, her ankles are brought up over her head so that her ankles and wrists are bound to the same end of the gurney. In this position, Rick administers a sound flogging to Angelica's pretty butt cheeks. Then, he pulls Angie's panties down around her thighs so his leather flogger can also land blows on his patient's shaved pussy lips and directly on her cute asshole. This produces the most beautiful shrieks, gasps and moans from Angelica. After much pussy and anus punishment with the leather flogger, Savage steps up the intensity by switching to his rubber flogger. OUCH, as the tips of the rubber strands land directly on Angelica's vulnerable bald pussy and sphincter. Dr. Savage wants to continue examining the resiliency of Angela's pretty buttocks using his riding crop. But first, the rope bondage is adjusted. Still on the gurney and still on her back, her ankles are bound together and hoisted towards the ceiling as the rope is passed over a pipe in the ceiling. Then her wrists are tied together, behind her knees, so that her hands are essentially pulling Angelica's knees towards her tits. This affords Savage's crop easy access to Angelica's voluptuous bottom. A ball gag is tied into the patient's mouth. After the crop produces plenty of redness to his patient's tender ass cheeks, Savage assaults her colorful derriere with his flogger. For the final portion of Angelica's medical scene, thick rope is used to bind her to the gyno table with her feet in the stirrups. A spreader bar is placed around Angelica's calves. A ball gag is strapped into Angie's mouth and the vaginal exam begins. First, steel tongs are used to pinch, pull and twist Angelica's bald pussy lips. Then, her sensitive little quim is taunted with a large bottle brush. The whimpers and moans emanating from beneath our patient's ball gag are simply beautiful. Next, the hard pinching forceps, earlier used in Angelica's nipple play now become the instruments of her pussy punishment. She winces in pain as the forceps are attached to that most sensitive part of the female anatomy. Dr. Rick now ties twine to the handles of each forceps and ties the other end of the twine to the spreader bar buckles, just below his patient's knees. The twine is pulled adequately tight so as to pull Angelica's pussy lips wide open, allowing us a good view of her pink wetness. The final part of the exam comes in the form of a strong, old vibrator, as the vibrator is pressed against the forceps and against Angelica's throbbing, wet pussy. Her exhilarating exam now over, I found myself hoping that our sexy British pain slave comes back to New York soon and appears in another Rick Savage bondage video.

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