Road Head For Daddy

Released at: April 24, 2021 by Aubrey Naughty's Wild World
Aubrey and Daddy are on a road trip in their Motorhome and Daddy decides that his little cock whore should pleasure him while he drives. Sitting in the driver's seat, Daddy decides that he wants a blow job to help pass the time as he drives. He calls his favorite little cock sucker, Aubrey, over to give him some oral pleasure. Being the cum whore that she is, Aubrey is more than happy to give Daddy some "Road Head". Eager to fulfill Daddy's request, Aubrey begins to unbuckle his belt, then carefully unbuttoning and unzipping his pants before sliding them down enough to pull his dick out. Aubrey begins sucking his cock getting it nice and slippery with her saliva. This slut wastes no time before she takes his cock all the way down her throat, using those deep throat skills that she loves to show off. This dirty little whore loves to suck Daddy's cock, and he loves giving her the opportunity to let her oral skills shine. He focuses on the driving while she focuses on building Daddy's orgasm. Steadily pleasuring his cock as he drives, getting him closer and closer to the point of no return. Aubrey knows that she is making Daddy happy, and that very soon she will get a treat when he cums in her hot little mouth. She is such a good girl that Daddy rubs her back while she sucks him off. Despite it being a slightly awkward position, he knows that his little slut will do whatever it takes to get the job done and make him happy. Intermittently, Aubrey strokes his hard dick in between licking sucking and deep throating his throbbing cock knowing that she is edging him closer and closer to blowing his hot thick load down her waiting throat. Having him on edge, Daddy tells his little slut to finish sucking him off. Aubrey immediately deep throats his cock and takes him over the edge, milking his dick for every last drop of his cum. Being a proud little cock sucker, she turns to the camera to show off her mouth full of cum as they continue on their trip.

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