Rocco Ravishes Hollywood

Released at: November 11, 2010 by Evil Angel - Rocco Siffredi
**Scene 1:** Dressed to be the sluttiest chicks at a Halloween party, beautiful Dana DeArmond and buxom, blue-eyed blonde Ally Ann bring their loony trick-or-treating act to the Hollywood Hills. Foreigners Christian Clay and Toni Ribas, clueless to American tradition, can't comprehend the candy demand, so crazy bitch Ally smashes eggs on Christian's bald head! While sensible Dana tries to placate Christian via seduction, opportunistic Toni engages Ally in some poolside tricks of his own, stretching her deep-throat capability with harsh, staccato dick-stabs. Ally contorts her legs, widely splitting to have her pussy eaten. Toni porks her standing-doggie-style, chokes her out and fucks her mouth again so she can taste her own cunt. She rides his prick, her flesh slapping his loudly, and he carry-fucks the limber slut. Dana jerks Toni's jism into Ally's mouth, then slurps up the resulting cum/slobber mess. Christian makes Dana his own, eating her holes and fucking her on the floor. The incorrigible beauty sucks his cock fresh from her pussy, then ups the ante, rimming his asshole and stuffing four fingers up her own ass, which makes her pussy gape. She sucks his toe and deep-throats his dork till she drools, but things are about to get really wet: With his cock wedged up her pretty ass, horny Dana masturbates and ejaculates, soaking Christian and the camera lens! She hungrily sucks his cock ass-to-mouth style and laps her girl cum from his body. After he blows his wad into her mouth, disheveled Dana winks her satisfied butthole at the camera. **Scene 2:** Hot to fuck bodacious blonde Nikki Benz, Rocco Siffredi arrives early at her palatial mountaintop estate and finds Latina lovely Ann Marie Rios outside, modeling for a timid photographer with a spectacular view of Southern California as backdrop. Irrepressible Ann Marie turns her horny attention to Rocco, and soon they're cavorting nakedly in flumes of champagne bubbles. As Ann Marie sucks his cock, Rocco buries her head in his underwear. He chokes her, carry-fucks her and perches her upside-down to cock-hammer her into the ground. "Si, Papi," cries Ann Marie, among many fuck-happy epithets wailed en Espanol. And she goes insane with armpit-fetish, smashing her face into his underarm! Of course Nikki arrives to see this spectacle, which takes her beyond pissed and emotional, all the way to disgusted and nauseated. Rocco is apologetic, and with comic understatement Ann Marie deadpans, "You guys look like you need to talk." Actually it's more than that _ to appease Nikki, Rocco must seduce her, reassure her that she's the object of his lust and the beneficiary of his cock. Soon they're kissing, then she's sucking his prick and scrotum. Her huge, round tits take a major dicking and her asshole takes a serious tonguing. Through a vigorous poolside fuck, Rocco renders Nikki a hot mess of verbal nastiness. When he sperms her tongue, the recently furious rich bitch looks serene playing with a huge, thick cum strand in her mouth and fingers. **Scene 3:** High in the Hollywood Hills, Christian Clay runs out of gas, leaving his vehicle blocking the driveway of Andy San Dimas and Roxy Reed. Andy and Roxy want to go meet their boyfriends _ they're dressed in revealing slutwear. Andy looks fetching with her flowing, black locks and mini-skirt, and redheaded Roxy's red high heels accentuate her lithe, natural, fair-skinned body. Christian and Andy show a mutual attraction; he's soon on the ground beneath her balcony, serenading her in Italian. Bitchy Roxy douses him with water, so Andy invites him in to dry off. On that balcony they can't resist sharing her pretty toes, Christian sucking them and Andy licking them too. In moments he's lifted Andy bodily to jam her pussy right on the balcony railing. He carry-fucks her to ecstasy, and as angry Roxy watches, she can't help getting turned on and masturbating. So Roxy joins the balcony party, sitting on Christian's face and fingering her anus as he licks her pussy. She wets his cock in her mouth and he wets her butthole with his tongue, the only lubrication they'll have when he rams his meat straight up her ass. Her body language looks highly aroused (and arousing) as she's anally manhandled and as she sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Andy too blows prick pulled freshly from Roxy's rectum, and tastes another treat when she tongues Roxy's gaping butthole. The girls blow Christian together, producing runny gag spit, and Roxy's ass gets fucked in standing position. Christian whacks his meat on both of their tongues and when he creams Andy's mouth, cum and gag spit muss her hands and roll over her tits. **Scene 4:** Rocco Siffredi wants to rent a big pad in the Hollywood Hills, and lucky for him (and us), the one he checks out belongs to the stupendously sexy Amy Brooke and her slutty girlfriend, Dani Jensen. Dani is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed, strawberry blonde whose tiny titties and microscopic dress scream, "GIRLY!" Amy wears a leopard print mini-dress that can't cover her impossibly round butt any better than it conceals her ferocious anal lust. When Amy isn't looking, Dani seduces Rocco ... he presses a strawberry into Dani's butthole and eats it. She sits on his face and learns how much cock her mouth can take. Amy busts Dani for "disturbing our guest" and drags her inside, leaving Rocco with an unattended hard-on. But he follows them and turns his own seduction skills toward Amy, resulting in an ass-flavored three-for-all. Dani peels down Amy's panties, revealing that God-sculpted ass, and Rocco rims the girls side-by-side. Amy yanks Rocco's face into her heavenly crack, and when she sits on his face in 69 position, her cheeks bounce beauteously. Amy struggles to get the big cock up her ass, then goes off, spreading and bouncing her cheeks through a long, thrilling ride. Dog-style butt-fucking makes Amy grunt, and when Rocco takes a break to tongue her butthole, she says, "Look at it beg for you." Dani gets her feet cranked back by her head as Rocco pounds her into the couch, pulling her hair, spanking her, choking her until her face flushes red and her foot spasms orgasmically. Dani sucks Rocco's asshole, he nails Amy's ass doggie-style and finally pumps his cum into Amy and Dani's mouth. **SUMMARY:** Director Rocco Siffredi's trip to sunny Southern California results in four scenes of light-hearted, la-la land fun and sexy mayhem linked by a loose story. Christian Clay and Toni Ribas can't understand American trick-or-treaters, but lucky for them the Halloween revelers are a crazy slut (Ally Ann) and a ravishing L.A. beauty (Dana DeArmond) who likes cock up the ass and loves ejaculating girl cum onto her sex partners, then licking it up! Rocco's date with a flashy Beverly Hills type (Nikki Benz) gets off to a bizarre start when an irrepressible Latina photo model (Ann Marie Rios) intercepts his advances and wallows in his champagne, but he's got enough lust and cock to leave each of them roughly, vigorously fucked. When Christian runs out of gas in the Hollywood Hills, his vehicle blocks the driveway of two party sluts (Andy San Dimas, Roxy Reed) who take advantage of the situation and his dick. Hot-tempered Roxy gets anally manhandled and lovely Andy tongues the gaping anus that results. Rocco wants to rent a big house in Hollywood's high-rolling hills, and the owners get a big dick deposit. Girly, strawberry blonde Dani Jensen can't resist Rocco, and he can't resist Amy Brooke's stunning rear asset. Dani gets choked, hair-pulled, spanked and fucked till her face flushes red and her foot spasms with orgasm, and Amy shows that her impossibly round, God-sculpted ass can give as pretty a pounding a it takes. Whether performing heroically (in two scenes) or directing (all four), Mr. Siffredi's adventures in L.A. evoke one conclusion: Rocco Ravishes Hollywood.

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