Rosy Pinheiro

Released at: October 25, 2017 by Brazilian Trans Girls
Is everything bigger in Brazil? Brazilian trans girl Rosy Pinheiro certainly has us thinking so! She's got big boobs, a big ass, and a big, big dick! And she's excited to share them all with you! Watch her strip out of her sexy, pink lingerie and show off her stunning, suntanned body. She puts her humongous booty in your face and dances for you. Her she cock is causing a huge bulge in her thong bottoms, so she slides them down. She squeezes and spanks her thick booty. Then, she spreads her tan ass cheeks wide and sticks a manicured finger inside. You wish you could bury your face between her butt cheeks! She bends over and tugs on the big uncut cock hanging between her legs. Next, she smacks her huge cock against her hand, making a satisfying thud. She fingers her ass pussy while stroking her thick stick. She bounces up and down while jerking her woman meat until she shoots a huge load of creamy lady jizz all over her stomach and balls.

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