Rough Roommate Facefuck

Released at: May 12, 2021 by Luna Sapphire
My college roommate, trans domme Roxxie Moth, sits me down to have a talk. She's sick of me being such a slut and bringing home hook-ups at all hours of the night. I roll my eyes and tell her I'm not going to stop, so she teaches me a lesson. Roxxie pulls down my shorts and spanks my ass, making it turn bright red. She even uses a taser to give me electric shocks, and whips my ass and thighs with a flogger. Then Roxxie uses my mouth to please her. She fucks my face while I'm on my knees and humiliates me. Roxxie shoves her big cock all the way down my throat and gives me the roughest, sloppiest face fucking of my life. I deepthroat her cock in many different positions with tons of gagging, spit, and tears. She slaps my face and calls me a whore while I gag on her dick. My hot, mean roommate relentlessly pounds her cock into my mouth and down my throat until she's had enough of me. She throws me into a cage, handcuffed, and leaves me there to think about what I've done.

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