Rozie Cheeks Solo

Released at: May 2, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Hair & Tits"- Pretty hairy girl Rozie's past boyfriends have always been really into her hairy body and that really turns her on. But she notices that you seem to be only interested in her huge boobs. So she comes up with a fun little game. You can play with her hot hairy girl tits for 2 minutes but then you have to lick her hairy armpits for 2 minutes. Then you can play with breasts some more as long as you lick her hairy bush for 2 more minutes. Think you can handle that? Make sure you get in really close 'cause the more you play with her hairy pussy, the more of a horny hairy girl Rozie becomes. Finally she gets herself off while you get to watch.

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