Ruby's Severe Pie Head Trauma 2

Released at: August 25, 2011 by Color Crown
Ruby Richards stands six feet tall with beautiful strawberry blonde hair, 36C-24-37. In scene one, Ruby is told to stop smoking; she refuses and gets a pie to the top of her head. Wham! Ruby continues to smoke and Billboe Baggins smashes a pie in her face. Whop! Still smoking, Billboe slams a coconut cream pie to her naked breast, first the left and then the right. Wham! Wham! This pie onslaught continues for 30 pies! Ruby is caked in messy goo from head to toe. I have never seen a model take as many pies as Ruby has, ever. After 50 minutes of getting slammed with pies, Ruby rolls on the floor. In the gooey mess she turns white with a little brown crust. Ruby enjoys rolling in the cool mess. She even does a quick masturbation scene while covered in goo. Superb pie action.

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