Samantha Parker

Released at: August 24, 2011 by 97% Amateurs
Here is an early 30's blonde who had a great session. Starts out slowly by leaning forward and smiling. (Music is slow to start) then Gets her belt & dress off & is then in a green bottom & matching bra. Pulls her arms through the bra straps, then folds the bra cups down. Plays with the bra a bit. Swings it around & tosses it. We try that again but in slow motion. Our famous Bermuda Triangle pose. Nipple close-up. Adjusts her boobs. Squeezes both nipples. Some kind of boob juggling wiggling, then colliding boobs. Same in slow motion. Jumping in slow motion. Jump & twist combo. Same in slow motion. Jumping & turning. Same in slow motion. We play with our hula hoop. Same in slow motion. Bends forward & wiggles her boobs. Same in slow motion. With her butt towards us leans forward & we peek between her legs with another boob wiggle side to side. Same in slow motion. On her hands & knees she lifts up her left shoulder & wiggles her boobs. Boob view in profile. Running in place. Same in slow motion. Boob choke & wiggle. Same in slow motion. Pulls down her panties then lifts her ass cheeks. Slow squat to the ground. Wiggles her inner pussy lips from side to side in slow motion. Spreads her pussy & reveals a lovely clit. More pulling, spreading & close-ups. Inner pussy lips spread. Holds a super wide & very pink inner pussy lips spread. Our famous batwings pose from above & in front of the pussy. We put Samantha into a tight red metallic pair of pants. She slaps her own ass. Then some jumps in slow motion. Lying on her side with a left boob wiggle. Pants half-way down with a nice pussy view. Pants further down with a hanging inner lips pussy view. Gets out of the pants. Boobs viewed from behind & the side. Wiggles them. Same in slow motion. On all fours with her ass in the air. Tight pussy view from behind. Butt in the air as we zoom in on the pussy. A bit of a body walk-around with a little more boob wiggling as we get to her right side. Legs spread wide we zoom in on her pussy. Side pussy view. Lifting her thigh up. Stretching her right inner lip for a nice spread. Close-up. Nice clit close-up. Slow motion stretch & release. Hips & ass in the air for a nice pubic mound view. We zoom up to her face again. Body scan from the face to her pussy. Low angle pussy view. She picks out her dildo for some play time. Picks a nice pink one. Dildo play for the almost another 5 minutes. This portion is pure dildo play for almost 6 minutes with the original soundtrack in place. Samantha absolutely knows how to pleasure herself. Very few cuts or edits in this sequence. We pretty well just let her play. The dildo play continues. Another 5 minutes in this portion. You will have to count the number of orgasms for yourself. Samantha has a most unique way of hugging the dildo with her pussy lips & fully enveloping the dildo. Some most amazing self clit stimulation in this portion. One of the prettiest clits we have seen for some time. Three more minutes of dildo action, then Samantha changes into a metallic gold dress & plays with her boobs again. A pantyless crotch view from a low angle. She lifts the bottom of her dress up a bit for a better view. Then says we hope we enjoyed her session. We know it's supposed to be about nipples & boobs, but her dildo & pussy play was simply too good to ignore... So we shared it here. Royalty Free Music from our massive collection. Mellow music from Backtraxx 1 Mellow 1 set. At 17:29 minutes into the session through 18:40 we let you hear what some of our MODEL DIRECTIONS sound like to get the video that simply does not HAPPEN by itself. Our models truly are 97% amateurs. We make them look professional through visual & verbal guidance & direction.

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