Sarah B.

Released at: March 27, 2009 by Magic Moments
Say hello to a sexy newcomer: Sarah B., a 19 YO first timer who just can't wait to strip and open her bright pink twat for you. Wearing a sexy pink outfit she strips slowly, paying special attention to her young, perky breasts. She bends over in your face and spreads herself open for you to see her gathering wetness. Once naked, she slips two fingers into her tight vagina and fucks herself to a loud orgasm. In the bedroom with her two favorite toy is a little pink shoe and her trusty purple vibrator she's ready to get down and dirty. She spreads her legs and rubs her love knot with the little pink shoe while deep-throating her purple toy for your enjoyment. Then she slips it into her willing pussy and rubs her clit with her little pink shoe. As she fucks herself wildly her pretty pink slit glistens with girl juice. She continues to grind until she surrenders to a sexy orgasm. Lastly, she shows off a cute outfit with white, thigh-high stockings that she picked out just for you. Stripping slowly, she giggles and starts running her fingers between her tight, teen labia before slipping them deep inside her vagina. On the bed with panties down she slams herself with two fingers and stimulates her clit with the little pink shoe to an outrageously loud orgasm.

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