Sasha's Teen Fantasies

Released at: June 2, 2010 by Television X
Stunning UK porno star Sasha indulges her filthiest fantasies in the show that brings you the ultimate in hardcore over-18 teenage titillation! First off, Sasha invites two gorgeous girlie pals 'round for a lesbian threesome. Faye and Victoria are very cute and drop dead sexy, and well up for some Sapphic shagging with a big black strap-on! Michelle is up next, a cute blonde who enjoys licking lovely ladies like Sasha. The two adorable erotic teens work their way through a choice selection of love toys in a bawdy bedroom romp that's so steamy you could open an envelope with it. Ellen and Lexi are tasty 18-year-old babes with a penchant for lesbian loving. When they join our stunning hostess Sasha on her girlie bed, things soon get very naughty indeed. Finally, what could be better than red-hot lesbian action with totally fuckable teens Lacey and Roxy? Well, when the sizzling Sasha joins in and it becomes a three-way, that's what! A sweet-toothed treat for lovers of teenage beauty, Sasha's Teen Fantasy will surely be yours too!

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Lacey, Roxy, Sasha

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