Scarlett Lee 3

Released at: September 21, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
You're hot-as-fuck assistant Scarlett Lee messed up an assignment, so it's time for you to teach her a lesson. First, you make the squirmy brunette strip completely naked for you and touch herself beneath her panties. As she squeezes her secret love stick, she moans and whimpers. She can't help but give into the incredible sensations vibrating through her entire body. You reward your obedient girl by licking and tickling her gorgeous feet. Overcome with lust, she can't help but start stroking her pretty girl dick, all the while bound up in a leather sling and cuffs. After you punish her juicy ass with a paddle against a wall, she squeezes out a loud and powerful orgasm. You send your throbbing and sticky secretary right back to work.

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