School For The Sexual Arts - Remastered Grindhouse Edition

Released at: December 27, 2011 by After Hours Cinema (Adult)
The New York adult film industry of the 1970s was a caustic cesspool that gave birth to certain cinematic abominations that reeked so bad, screening them near an open flame could have proved fatal. However, like any genre, it was not without its share of gleaming touchstones and shining stars. NEW YORK GRINDHOUSE SUPERSTARS TRIPLE FEATURE is a tribute to just a golden few of those veteran guys and gals who waded through the muck long enough to be recognized by the ages. SCHOOL FOR THE SEXUAL ARTS (1975) - The female students at the School for the Sexual Arts are busy studying the male form, and learning how to use their mouths to mold flaccid members into hard life sculptures! It's sexpressionistic!

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