Secret Session

Released at: January 7, 2007 by California Star Productions
Monday started like any other day in the Henderson household. Analice arose early, put on her housecoat, sipped coffee and read magazines while hubby fixed his breakfast. But from the time she bid him goodbye at the door, the day began to take on a very unusual tone. She hurried to her bedroom, removed her housecoat, and slipped into her slinky black dress. A mysterious stranger was about to enter her life, and she wasn't going to keep him waiting. As she donned her sexy attire, she tried to imagine what delicious pleasures lie in store for her. She would soon feel the relentless embrace of ropes fastening her wrists and ankles. Her cries for help would be muffled by a gag. Then her helpless body would feel the caress of the stranger's knowing hands. Alice was a happily married woman. She had the stranger to thank for that.

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