Secrets 3

Released at: October 24, 2010 by Viv Thomas
These babes are horny as horny can be and ready to bare it all...including their dirtiest and darkest secrets! Bailey will be the first to tell you that all her relationships are based on sex! After 15 years of friendship, Sandra finally gets to fulfill her lesbian fantasy with Cindy. Simony's husband knows that she sucks other men behind his back, but that doesn't stop her from sucking and fucking a throbbing cock until she gets a hot creamy load for her troubles! In scene four Cindy goes to visit her ex-boyfriend for a steamy rendezvous that will make you explode! And last, but definitely not least - Brandy and Blue lick, fondle and tease each other until they both reach orgasmic bliss!

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Scene2: 00:28:19 - 01:06:07 (37:48)


Cindy Hope

Scene3: 01:06:27 - 01:28:18 (21:51)

Scene4: 01:28:39 - 01:51:17 (22:38)

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