Sect, The

Released at: October 7, 2018 by Artsploitation Films
This bizarre, micro-budget sci-fi/horror film, reminiscent of the 1980s classic LIQUID SKY focuses on a young woman who goes to a job interview, only to be held captive by the two mysterious cult followers in the apartment, and kept prisoner there, to serve the alien leader -- incarnated by a deformed, armless mannequin in a robe who communicates telepathically with a voice that sounds like it's coming from an old ham radio. The girl is forced to serve as a prostitute for the pleasure of the cult's many male followers, and one of them -- an elderly burn victim who wears a black hood -- impregnates her, so the cult keeps her there to carry the baby to term, at which point she also becomes the mannequin alien cult leader's chosen follower. A fascinating and weirdly engrossing tale.

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