Seduction of Innocence: Cassandra's New Sister-In-Law

Released at: July 15, 2011 by Bob's Videos
Having married twin brothers, it's natural that Cassandra Cruz and Mariana plan a "get to know you" weekend just for themselves. After a brief chat to get acquainted, Marlena retires to get some rest after her long trip, but notices that their initial kiss lingers just a bit too long. As she seductively strips out of her bra and panties and readies for bed, she can't help but peek through the door left ajar into Cassandra's room. The buxom Cassandra is already undressed on her bed, masturbating furiously, whispering what sounds like Marlena's name. Sexy Marlena gets so turned on watching, she sneaks back to her bed and tries to calm herself with some slurpy, sweet masturbation of her own. But the busty brunette makes just a little too much noise, and when Cassandra hears the unmistakable sound of sex, she takes a peek herself. Cassandra startles her sister-in-law and joins her on the bed, and the two new lovers pleasure each other again and again as they explore the joys of lesbian love for the first time.

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Scene1: 00:01:32 - 01:23:34 (1:22:02)

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