Seka's Heavenly Desire: The Lost Movie

Released at: April 9, 2012 by Western Visuals
The Old West is given a new, erotic lease on life by glorious seventies superstars Seka and Serena in ~~Heavenly Desire~~. As our story begins, the sisters are living it up 1880's style - until they get caught in the crossfire during a gunfight! The scene then shifts to the late 1970's, as devilish Johnny Keyes raises the gals from the dead and offers them a deal: They'll both get in on an endless life of sensual pleasure if they can prove they're bad enough. Keyes takes them to a sorority, where their assignment is to help a pair of come-hither coeds to lose their virginity. Seka and Serena do their bawdy best to drive the innocent beauties wild with sexual abandon and things get even steamier when landlord Jamie Gillis and his sassy secretary stop by the house for their rent. A top-notch cast featuring some of the superstars of the golden age of adult cinema highlight this offbeat and thoroughly libido charged tale of resurrection and redemption through ravishment.

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