Sent Down Part - 3

Released at: December 20, 2008 by Bars & Stripes
"Dublin's Intake" features a very unusual punishment for Dublin, who is actually acting as an undercover guard. Put inside to try and extract information from Mrs Woods, Dublin asks Mr Kennedy to **spank, strap and cane her bare bottom.** Dublin suffers great pain but knows she will not be trusted by Mrs Woods if she has not suffered at intake... "Michelle's Intake" features the punishment of new inmate Michelle Brown. Tough as nails Michelle is spanked and strapped at intake, but refuses to cry out in pain, even though her face tells you otherwise. "Rhiannon's Intake" features a very tearful and vulnerable Rhiannon given a harsh taste of what life will be like inside. Her story of innocence does not wash with the guards and she is**spanked and paddled hard,** whilst in a humiliating state of undress. Sobbing and scared the guard takes off for a visit to sickbay.

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