Seven Years Of Marriage

Released at: July 25, 2012 by Sweet Sinema
Love can be truly bittersweet. It doesn't have a bias and favors no one. It's strange how Love can bring two people together, and several years or even decades later, tear them apart. Love seems to know best in this case however. Sweet Sinema is dedicated to bring you faithful erotic remakes of classic movies with all the real passion and love-making pioneered by its sister studios, Sweet Sinner and Sweetheart. In Seven Years of Marriage, we take you deep inside the mind of the conflicted married man. When Mark's wife, Raylene, goes out of town, his sexual confidence gets put to the test by the arrival of young, gorgeous Lily. Challenging himself through a series of erotic fantasies, Mark must decide once and for all if he can handle the temptation by the charming seductress.

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