Sex Therapist 1

Released at: August 20, 2011 by Hot Spunks
Neil Down and Phil Mycok are two sex therapists who receive constant requests from women across the country in need of assistance, whether it is to learn new techniques, satisfy a fantasy, or simply an excuse to fuck a stranger! **Scene One** Phoebe is a nurse at the local hospital, and after working long hours caring for others needs, she enlists the help of the sex therapist (Neil Down) to talk about her needs. After admitting she's very lonely it's not long until Neil has her fingering her tight pussy whilst sucking his cock. She moans loudly whilst Neil flicks his tongue over her clit, slipping it inside her to taste her sweet juices. They get into a 69er, with Neil fingering her ass before she takes over, slipping her own fingers inside. She works her tongue around his cock, taking it deep inside her throat and playing with its head. He then fucks her missionary before taking her from behind. She commands to be fucked harder, her tits bouncing with each pounding he gives her, making her moan even more. Next Phoebe is on the sofa using a vibrator on herself when Phil Mycok joins her and makes her moan using the toy on her before she rides his fuck stick on the floor. Neil takes over for an anal pounding and some double penetration with the vibrator, before a spit roast with both Neil and Phil to help finish her off, taking a facial and an ass splattering of spunk. **Scene Two** Belinda works in a bed shop, and ever since she caught a couple of customers fucking on a bed, she's been encouraging others to do the same. Neil and Phil visit her to film a case study for other patients in the same predicament, and with so many beds to choose from, they jump in one and soon enough Belinda is taking Neil's cock deep in her mouth. Neil repays the favor with a huge dildo fucking of her tiny shaven pussy. She then bounces up and down on his dick before being driven into from behind until he shoots a thick load over her face. Phil steps in and gently flicks his tongue over her clit, making her moan with pleasure as he does so. Belinda then goes down on his cock, making it grow harder all the time until he is ready to fuck her tight hole. He gives her a good hard fucking on the mattress before reaching his limit. **Scene Three** Heather is feeling under the weather, so the sex therapists pay her a home visit. Teaching her how to breathe through her nose better, Neil pushes her head down onto his cock which she sucks like a pro. Once Neil is satisfied with that course of treatment, he moves on to slide a large dildo deep inside her pussy, making her moan loudly whilst she slips a finger in her ass. She plays with the dildo herself before being fucked from behind against the sofa, switching to ride him, bouncing up and down before taking a jizz load to the face. Then Phil takes over, licking her out and offering his cock for sucking before driving into her moist hole and fucking her ass hard, inducing a huge cumshot which lands on her chest. **Scene Four** Jenny has never reached penetrative orgasm, and really wants to see if it's possible, so the sex therapists head round to offer a helping hand or two! Neil gets straight in there, licking her ass and pussy, getting it nice and moist before sliding in a dildo, with Jenny working her tongue over his cock with ease. He then fucks her in several positions, making her moan with pleasure as he thrusts from behind her. Phil joins in for a double cock sucking and spit roast ending in a butt covering cum shot.

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