Sexual Vibrations (French)

Released at: June 2, 2015 by Alpha-France
Brigitte Lahaie stars in this classic European adult film directed by Jean Rollin (as Michel Gentil). This was one of Brigitte's first films and was filmed while she was a brunette. Very rare movie that collectors have a hard time to find. Also stars Catherine Castel, Maude Carolle, Rachel Mhas and Alban Ceray. Brigitte plays Alban's psychologist who appears to be searching for the true love of his life and wants to leave behind the life of unfulfilling sexual escapades **Editor's Notes:** Spoken entirely in its native language, there are no subtitles on this film. While we feel it doesn't detract from the overall viewing experience (in fact, we were fine without them), we wanted to make you aware of this situation prior to your purchase. **This title is a previously released item** **This title ships on a DVD-R format disc. Please note, some DVD players may not be able to play this format. Please make sure your DVD player is compatible with this format before purchasing this title.**

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