Shadowman VS Blond BJ Power

Released at: April 8, 2020 by SV Entertainment
Debby didn't see her friend Mila for a long time. So she decided to visit her with a little gift. A Shadowman. Now while Mila and Debby had to catch up for old time's sake he has to watch the two hot blond girls getting straight to the physical point. Mila and Debby start to sensually kiss and touch each other's bodies while Shadowman's cock is growing. After they had their fun they decided to empty his balls to give it a perfect finish. But his cock was no match for their skilled mouths and he exploded after a short time and shot his spunk all over the place. Not really satisfied with it, the two vixens decided to continue sucking and jerking him in the hope for a second load. Can he really bring up the power to do it again?

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