She Studs 2

Released at: February 2, 2000 by Bizarre Entertainment
Take a peek under the covers of the transsexual sub culture. See these sultry gender benders at play. Both guys and gals cross the line to the wild side of sexual diversity. Transsexual, interracial, Lesbian and guys get in on with each other in a variety of seductive scenes with plenty of hard core action. Dick are hard and assholes and pussy are open with no holes barred. The otherwise erotic scenes can seem very perverse when one of the girls has a stiff dick to go with her/his shapely tits!

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Scene1: 00:00:38 - 00:11:02 (10:24)

Scene2: 00:11:14 - 00:22:04 (10:50)

Scene3: 00:22:16 - 00:29:06 (6:50)

Scene4: 00:29:16 - 00:42:15 (12:59)

Scene5: 00:42:28 - 00:54:34 (12:06)