Shewolf Episode #1 - The Interrogation

Released at: April 4, 2009 by Fatal Femdom Movies
Kittin, the leader and chief operative of the "Tobacco Freedom Fighters" makes her debut in the first of this series. Watch as a high ranking official of the opposition falls behind enemy lines and is captured by the Shewolf. Hell hath no fury like that of a female smoker fighting for her rights and the rights of smokers everywhere. Watch her prime him for the "Smokie Interrogation" of a lifetime. No stranger to covert operations, the Shewolf pulls all the stops using both Cigars and Cigarettes as tease to obtain the information she wants. Not alone in her fight for Smoking Justice, she calls upon two of her Lieutenants to join her in the interrogation. Vamp Dahlia the Tormentress and her secret weapon Major Morgan. Much to the Coronal's surprise, his plan is obtained along with his name, rank and serial number. A smokie interrogation by the three "Tobacco Freeedom Fighters" is too much. No mortal man can resist becoming a Smoke slave to the cause. Join in the smoke fetish fun, costuming and black comedy that only the Smoke Mistress can provide!

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