Shirt And Tie Lesbians

Released at: December 17, 2014 by Filly Films
The sexy twosome of Adriana Malao and Lola Foxx just got home from the office, and both walked in the door thinking exactly the same thing - where is my woman?! We're kicking off Shirt and Tie Lesbians with an interracial pairing so ripe, your screen might drip sex sauce. These two can't even get all their clothes off, let alone make it to the bedroom - they're pent up and ready to burst! Jessica Ryan and Mia Austin wear nothing but panties, neckties, and button down shirts - a damn sexy look, if we can say so ourselves - to open this 38 minute lesbian encounter. A redhead who always tells you exactly what she wants, and a brunette who loves sex so much she can't stop smiling, seemed like a perfect pair to us, and the wet, thrusting results speak for themselves... Keisha Grey and Paisley Parker don the title attire for our cameras, but it's clearly an excuse to enjoy their oral fixations! In this 29 minute segment from Shirt and Tie Lesbians, these curvy brunettes start out so hungry to lick and suck on each other, we're pretty sure the one giving head is having more fun than the one getting head for the first half of the runtime... after they 69 it out of their systems, the sensations finally start to move south! Natasha Voya and Victoria Black start this scene subtle, but quickly get to the point where the urge to thrust and grind is too much for them - and that's exactly what we like to see! After a long time of rubbing pussy through pants, these two dive face first into a 69ing session that leaves them both breathless and blushing - and they didn't stop just because the scene was over!

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