Shoot Me: Hot Juice in the Face

Released at: February 9, 2020 by HiTZEFREi Clips
"I was very excited before the first day of shooting - and also pretty horny. I didn't know how my pussy looks close up. Or if it is really sexy if someone pulls out his wet cock from my cunt and makes me lick it off. Or how it is when he shoots me his hot juice in the face." But exactly these thoughts made the 40-year-old really excited about being fucked on film. "I took my time on the set." She disappeared on the toilet with her wet cunt and a very big vibrator. "I pushed it in again and again - and then licked it off. My whole face smelled of my juice when I finally stood in front of the camera." LadyKinkyCat; from the production notes of "MILF Hunters Vol.3"

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