Short Black Dress

Released at: May 11, 2021 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I'm wearing my new short black party dress and I'm also wearing my stockings underneath my tights with my white strappy sandals and I'm laying on my bed feeling very horny indeed. I start to rub my pussy through my tights before sliding my hand inside and finger fucking myself. Next I slide my tights down and finger fuck myself some more before reaching for my new glass dildo which slides effortlessly into my very wet pussy. I pound away deep and hard until I reach a fantastic climax after which I lick all my juices off of the dildo before sliding it back in and pulling up my tights to hold it in place as I thought It might be nice to keep it up there while I go to the shops, but before I go up the shops I really must go for a piss but you know how much I love to wet my tights so they are staying pulled up while I piss but the dildo is still inside me and as I piss it slips out and slides down my leg so when I'm finished I slide it back inside me and head off up the shops.

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