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Released at: August 27, 2011 by EPR
L - This classic has a sense of humor, sex, and classic cars all in one. Six sense in all. The first scene entitled "The Note". After traveling a man checks into the hotel and asks "Hank" not to be disturbed. He proceeds to unpack and place his mom's picture near his bed, a teddy bear, a gun, a rope and a bottle of pills and a knife! He reminds Hank, not to forget the "do not disturb sign". He takes his pills and the maid walks in. Well, he doesn't rest! Scene 2 titled "And Baby Makes Three" where a couple talks about having a baby and when is the best time! The wife convinces her husband the time is now to have a baby! Scene 3, "Kevin and Anita" the room is called "69"! Scene 4 "The Article" the wife tells her husband she read an article and he needs a boost in his sex life, this scene is where she has a lesbian scene and her husband stays in the room! Then in scene 5 they finally go at it as a couple. Scene 6 "The Crush" Hank lets in a business man into a woman's room, it ends up they haven't seen each other in many years and he had a crush on her since way back when. So now they get intimate after all these years.

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