Shy Little Adessa Is Afraid Of Cum!

Released at: January 27, 2019 by POV Perv
Hi! I'm Winter Adessa. I am a little bit shy and am trying my best to get this huge cock in my mouth. I'm not used to such a big cock and it gags me some. Also it keeps leaking pre cum in my mouth and I am not really used to the taste. I hope that I am doing a good job because next time I come over I really want to try and fit this huge cock in my tight bushy pussy. Please be careful and don't cum in my mouth...ohhh too late that was a big load and I felt it all the way down my throat. I wasn't really ready for that and it definitely made me gag. I really must get used to the taste of cum because I really want to make you happy and be a good girl for you. I hope you aren't mad at me for not being able to handle all that Cum.....

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