Sin Asylum

Released at: December 13, 2000 by Cal Vista
The sinfully sensual goings-on behind closed doors at a whacked-out mental institution are served up on a scintillating platter in this steamy sexvid. Tony Tedeschi stars as an unruly and disrespectful patient who takes every opportunity to challenge authority throughout this hardcore take-off of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Fans who appreciate some story with their sex will really enjoy this tightly scripted endeavor, which takes its story as seriously as its sex. Gorgeous, stunningly curvaceous Lisa Ann starts the ball rolling in a sensual and nicely shot encounter with Alex Sanders, and she takes the scene over in a sensual and salacious display that ranks as the high point of the feature. Later on, Lisa Ann is back in a wheelchair-based workout with Tom Byron with some positions that will have you asking, "How did they do that?"' Some of the sexiest women in hardcore writhe their way through this one, all of them looking their best in tight-fitting nurse's outfits or loose little hospital gowns. Excellent!

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