Sissy Solo

Released at: January 8, 2008 by Mike Hott Video
Sissy is wearing a T-shirt and hot pants and is feeling very horny. She sensually caresses her whole body through her clothes as she rolls around on the living room couch. She then wets down her T-shirt and gets even more turned on by enjoying her own tits through her wet T-shirt! She strips off the shirt and gets all excited standing topless in front of her bar mirror watching as she rubs her tits and ass! Next she goes back to the couch and slowly strips out of her tight hot pants and exposes her tight, cherry hot, tender ass! Oh, who wouldn't love to take a bite out of that sweet ass! We watch her expose her hot sweet pussy ass she finger fucks and dildo fucks her hot cunt to screaming orgasm. Close ups! After all that pussy playing she's ready for a douche. We follow her to the bathroom where we get super close up shots of her douching out that cunt. The longer snoot of the douche turns her on as she moves it in and out. She screams and cums again using the douche! Now for a nice hot sensual bubble bath/ as she rubs bubbles all over herself she starts getting turned on again. She finger fucks herself in the tub and cums again. It's the nest day and Sissy still needs more dildo fucking and cumming. She strips for us, dildo fucks the chair with a strap-on dildo, and does more dildo fucking on the bed. Lots of hot juicy close ups!

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