Sista 7

Released at: August 8, 2000 by Afro-Centric Productions
We open on a pair of dreamy sistas caressing each other and watching a dirty movie on a big ol' TV screen. What they see on the screen is Monique and Dee doing their thing for camerawoman Crystal Knight. Each girl is the dark-berry fruit of a benevolent Mother Africa, and their long, long legs and taut, dusky frames stretch and contort through a flurry of orgasms. Crystal, understandably, gets a little worked up watching all of this sapphic sweet stuff, and decides to join her subjects. The lovelies taking all of this in just can't take it after a while and simply have to invite over a few friends to help them work off a little steam. When their homies show up, a five-girl strap-on orgy breaks out, and we're treated to some of the hottest action this blistering series has ever conjured. Beautifully crafted all-girl, all-black porn.

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Scene1: 00:06:30 - 00:23:57 (17:27)



Scene2: 00:24:30 - 00:41:13 (16:43)

Scene3: 00:57:50 - 01:18:28 (20:38)

Scene4: 01:18:45 - 01:49:18 (30:33)